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In top 200 on Facebook!

Facebook caught a very good rank in the top 200 of the Facebook Application Leader Board. Facebook has more than 1.000.000 registered users, every month millions of backgammon games are played in Tavlabaz. With this acceleration Tavlabaz aims to have at least 1.500.000 users in the mid 2011s.

HoliganGame &!

HoliganGame gathers its target groups, create fun groups and royal users. This game carries all the excitement and synergy of the football to the game. For 2010, HoliganGame will be published with the cooperation and collaboration of which is the leading internet publisher of Turkey market. Turkey's only Game Platform

Gaming is the most popular business of recent days and Turkey is one of the favorite markets for online gaming sector. With this regard, NetMagic wants to be one of the players in this business and for that reason we develop a game portal, in which all the international games can be integrated in it. The purpose is to attract the attention of international online games for the Turkish Market, collect all the game in one portal and become the "only" gate away for online games in Turkey. GamoPlay will be live soon.

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